Who are we?

We are a team of designers and specialists in the field of graphic design and print media, united by a common vision and the desire to do something useful and creative for the children nowadays. We have turned that into our major activity and as a part of the implementation of this idea we have created the “Paper World” fitting models.

We have created the series thinking of our children with the great desire to bring them fun, but above all – to make something useful for their development.

While working and assembling the model with their own hands, the children will develop and refine their dexterity, creative thinking and self-discipline to follow the sequence in the process of the model construction, as well as they will develop their skills of working with paper and cardboard.

The enclosures to each set provide the children the opportunity to enrich and verify their knowledge of the prehistoric inhabitants or those of the modern world and to get acquainted with the basic features, life, habitat and habits of different species of fish, birds, reptiles, mammals, dinosaurs or pets.